We are Paulette Cabrera and Iñaki B; Mexico based photographers.

Lost Immigrants was founded to pay homage and thank all of those places that we’ve been to and have changed our lives somehow. Through photography, we document and hold space for those looking to dedicate a few words to that place which they hold close to their heart and share their story. A story we believe is meant to be heard by this ever-growing and ever-evolving community looking to bring walls down and embrace the unfamiliar anywhere they go.


Our world is made up of stories told by their people through everything they are able to create in service of their own.

Because we believe we are all made up of stories worth sharing, as a content creative studio, we put our know-how –photography and videography– at the service of brands looking to tell a story, connect and spread their love for what they believe in.


With experience in documenting –within natural environments– we create original assets and guide brands from talent scouting up to final delivery.


Our approach highlighting what inspires people, their aspirations and impact on their surrounding culture is allowing us to collaborate with brands from various industries such as travel and lifestyle but also skincare, fashion and art.

Remedios del Bosque
West of Death
Rancho La Loma
Onesto Café
Archivo Leche
PERSONA on paper
Agnes Workshop
Silvestra de Flores
Cuarto Piso

Made by people for people.

Please get in touch if you’d like to collaborate and work together

Paulette & Iñaki