We are Paulette Cabrera and Iñaki B; Mexico based photographers.

We speak from experience when we say travelling has changed our ways. For some of us, a place we travelled to, became home, for others, an escape, a lesson learned, an adventure, a harsh reality, new beginnings. 

Lost Immigrants was founded to pay homage and thank all of those places that we’ve been to and have changed our lives somehow. Through photography, we document and hold space for those looking to dedicate a few words to that place which they hold close to their heart and share their story. A story we believe is meant to be heard by this ever-growing and ever-evolving community looking to bring walls down and embrace the unfamiliar anywhere they go. 

We are all made up of stories worth sharing. Through our own experiences, we strive to reach out, make a connection and redefine boundaries as we know them today.

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Paulette and Iñaki




Wherever we go we put down roots not to grow taller but wiser.
We live up to our roots.
There is no path to follow but our own.
We look far beyond expectations.
We don’t walk the talk. We make a run for it.
We know when it is time to leave.
We give way to our past, we are thankful for it.
And, we allow ourselves to go forward.
We stay present.
The places that our body leaves behind stay with us in our heart.
We are all immigrants.
We are everywhere.

Lost Immigrants is dedicated to the restless mind, always curious to see new places, meet new people and tell a story.

Lost Immigrants 2021©

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