Through photography, we document and hold space for those looking to dedicate a few words to that place or project which they hold close to their heart and share their story. A story we believe is meant to be heard by this ever-growing and ever-evolving community looking to bring walls down and embrace the unfamiliar anywhere they go.

It is the uncertainty that keeps us grounded. It is the not knowing if we will be here tomorrow that wakes us up today. It is the beginning to an end of a moment in our lives that reminds us that something better is to come. It is the inevitable passing of time that makes us appreciate every second of it. And, it is the apparent end of the world that is bringing us together and having us moving as one with the universe.

For those who are lost there will always be cities that feel like home.
We are all immigrants.

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Crossing paths

Lost In x Sergio Morales


We’d love to collaborate with any photographer, brand, writer or content creator that has a story to share from wherever they’ve travelled to, got lost or found home. 

We’ll be happy to hear from you.


In celebration of the places that we’ve been to and the places we’ll go; the people we’ve met and the people we will eventually cross paths with.

Lost Immigrants is dedicated to the restless mind, always curious to see new places, meet new people and tell a story.

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