We invite contributors, photographers and writers from all over the world to share with us stories from wherever they’ve travelled, got lost or found home.

Please submit your story taking in consideration the following:

Photography: low resolution .JPG (min. 1000px) via WeTransfer or Dropbox link.
Text: via Word, Pages or PDF in english or spanish

Send us your material to consider for publication on our platforms at


In case your story has been selected, please provide the following:

Size: A minimum of 2400 px in width is required for final images. Format: .jpg, .tif, .zip via WeTransfer or Dropbox link.

Resolution: 300 dpi in sRGB – RGB (even if they are in black/white)

Text (PDF, TextEdit, Word, Pages): Please include your complete revised story, with the chosen title, credits for staff, contributors and everything we should include plus a small bio of yourself (up to a 100 words).

IMPORTANT: In the text document include the link to your website/portfolio, the photographer’s IG username and any other contributors.


We want to hold space for those looking to dedicate a few words to that place which they hold close to their heart and share their story. Our general approach is to share stories centered on the experience itself. Essays don’t have to be about a specific place — although details are always good. We will happily review all the submissions we receive, but we will only select those that we think are aligned with our project. The story should fit the overall vibe and mood of our site, whilst keeping the personal style of the contributor.

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